A Pensacola Judge Rules Health Care Reform Is Unconstitutional

01/31/11 Robert Lorei
Last Call Monday | Listen to this entire show:

Good afternoon, welcome to The Last Call. I'm Rob Lorei. Earlier today a federal judge in Pensacola ruled that health care reform was unconstitutional. This is the second US District judge to rule against health care reform; two other judges have ruled in favor.

Our guest today is Rob Pollack who is executive director of Families USA, a nationwide non profit representing health care consumers. Pollack said today:

“Judge Vinson’s decision is radical judicial activism run amok, and it will undoubtedly be reversed on appeal. The decision flies in the face of three other decisions, contradicts decades of legal precedent, and could jeopardize families’ health care security.

“If this decision were allowed to stand, it would have devastating consequences for America’s families. Children with pre-existing conditions would once again be denied access to health care; insurers could take away health coverage and reinstate lifetime limits on coverage; small businesses would once again be priced out of the market; and seniors would lose their access to no-cost preventive services and help with the cost of prescription drugs."

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