A tribute to Sally Ride

07/26/12 Mary Glenney
From A Woman's Point of View | Listen to this entire show:

Mary Glenney payed tribute to the first American woman astronaut. Sally Ride in her own words described her recollections of that flight in 1984. In a different segment, Sally discusses the many observations of the planet she has made through her career and sounded a serious note of warning about global warming, Sally has worked extensively with young girls and boys to encourage and educate then in the joys of science. She founded Sally Ride Science to pursue that path. This piece was done only a few months before her death and she expressed optimism that the young people who knew so much about global warming would be able to affect change. She did not undervalue the urgency for change, but she expressed the hope that we could still be effective if the commitment was strong enough. This optimism reflected the words that Sally believed and expressed so often in her life"shoot for the stars".

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