A woman marries a carnival ride and candy canes represent white Jesus: 2013 wacky news year in review

12/27/13 Janelle Irwin
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As you know, 2013 is almost over. In just a few days the world will usher in 2014, most of us in some sort of inebriated blur, no doubt. But here in Florida, the rest of the nation could likely think that the entire Sunshine state populous is in a perpetual fog of dumbness. So, in honor of yet another WTF Florida kind of a year, we bid 2013 adieu with a discussion on some of the whackiest stories.

Florida’s propensity toward off the wall news headlines have gotten attention from all over. There’s a twitter handle @FloridaMan highlighting just about every crazy stunt you can imagine from bathing under a garden hose at a high school to men shoving squirrels down their pants. That was quickly followed by @FloridaWoman, because, hey, woman can do weird stuff too right? There are hashtags #ohflorida, #wtfflorida and I’ve even seen, #whataretheydoinginflorida as a longer, waste of characters hashtag. Huffington Post chronicles our state's crazy debacles. There’s even a radio segment that plays a game where listeners have to decided whether or not an off the wall headline came out of Florida. And if the 2012 presidential election (and many others) are any indication – we have a tendency to be the laughing stock of the rest of the nation.

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