AARP Director Jeff Johnson talks about older voters anxiety heading into November election

09/07/12 Lisa Marzilli
Last Call Friday | Listen to this entire show:


The nonprofit, nonpartisan organization AARP boasts a membership of more than 37 million people - making it a very powerful force to be reckoned with come November. According to their latest poll, 72% of working seniors worry about having to delay retirement, 62% of those polled are worried about health care expenses and half of all baby boomers fear they’ll never be able to retire.

Meanwhile, leaders of both political parties have postured themselves as defenders of Medicare and Social Security. Based on this latest survey AARP has compiled an "Anxiety Index" for Americans aged 50 to 64 that shows that many of them are anxious and unhappy because they are not where they hoped to be at this point in their lives. Joining us on Last Call Friday to talk about the anxiety index, the group's "You've Earned a Say" tour and what it could all mean in November is Florida AARP Director Jeff Johnson.

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