Activists protest Congressman who gives millions in contracts to companies employing his children

06/08/12 Janelle Irwin
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday

A local activist group is pushing Republican congressman Bill Young to start siding with the poor and middle class. Yesterday they took their activism to the Science Applications International Corporation in St. Petersburg. It’s a company the Florida Consumer Action Network, or FCAN says has received millions of taxpayer dollars. So Greg Stem, along with about 40 other protesters, asked Young yesterday, where are the earmarks for the 99%?

According to FCAN, The National Forensic Science Technology Center , which employed Congressman Young's other son Billy, received nearly $40 million dollars in tax payer money from 2000 to 2010.

Video of the protests from the Florida Consumer Action Network

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I love a well planned protest...

Yeah… the NFSTC needs to be protested!!! What have they ever done for the 99%??? The only people that they ever help are a bunch of “FAT CATS”!!! Right??? Check this out...

Don't ya just love a scoop...

By-the-way… thanks for the “breaking news” about Billy Young’s involvement with The National Forensic Science Technology Center.

Let's just shut em all down...

It doesn’t look like the SAIC does anything for the 99% either…


Furious liberal sheep lash out at American Industry from the Democrat Plantation. Hamstrung by political correctness, their shepherds allow them to hate only corporations, Republicans, Christians, and white people. All else must be embraced less they be labeled 'hater'.