Adelle Stan discusses the recent abortion measures passed by the House of Representatives

06/20/13 Adelle Stan with Mary Glenney
From A Woman's Point of View | Listen to this entire show:

Adelle Stan writer, journalist and blogger who is the Washington Correspondent for rh reality check ( discusses the recent HR 1787 bill passed by the House of Representatives. Restriction against abortion past 20 week gestation period was passed and in addition no exceptions for rape unless the woman reported the rape to police. Incest was only considered if the woman was less than 18. Rep Michael Burgess of Texas during the debate suggested that he thought the limit should be 15 weeks as he thought there is the possibility that male fetus's masturbate before 20 weeks. Scientific evidence does not support his opinions. For more information go to and search for Adelle Stan. In addition writing by Jodi Jacobson on the scientific studies that discuss scientific opinions about fetal pain was noted. For more information again go to rh reality check and search for Jodi Jacobson.

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