Adelle Stan, Washington bureau chief for AlterNet talks about the upcoming RNC

08/23/12 Mary Glenney
From A Woman's Point of View | Listen to this entire show:

Adelle Stan, the Washington Bureau Chief for Alter Net talks about her interpretation and analysis of the recent choice of Paul Ryan for Vice President on the Republican ticket. She also gave her thoughts on the recent comments of Rep. Todd Akin and questioned if this was a mere "slip of the tongue" or something deeper reflected in the many policies of not only Todd Akin but many other elected officials to limit access to American Women of abortion services. For more information go to and put in a search for Adelle Stan. Adelle's writing appears in many other sights, including American Prospect, Truthout, the Huffington Post and many others. She has particularly focused on the "politics" of the "Religious Right and the influence of money in politics . She especially noted the changes since passage of the Citizens United Supreme Court Case. Adelle has had articles published in publications including The Nation, Mother Jones, American Prospect, Ms. and many other publications.

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