AFSCME Local 167 union is in contract negotiations with Hillsborough County

10/17/11 Atecia Robinson
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A local public employees union is negotiating for a new two-year contract with the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners. On Friday, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees or AFSCME negotiations.

Hector Ramos is the Regional Director of AFSCME’s Local 167 union. He said some of their concerns are about wage increases and overtime.

Ramos said AFSCME needs workers to be treated fairly even though Hillsborough County says it is hurt by declining tax revenues.

AFSCME’s contract has a no strike clause, which the County Commission representatives said they would not change. Ramos said AFSCME wants strikes allowed.

Ramos said AFSCME workers want to get reimbursed for the times they must use their personal vehicles for work purposes.

Ramos said his union wants the County Commission to allow more than one AFSCME representative to be present at conflict resolution hearings.

The AFSCME has 21 proposals on the table. The next negotiation meeting is November 4. AFSCME plans not to go on strike in the meantime because it would affect the public. The two representatives for the County Commission, Helene Marks and Lucia Garsys would not comment for this story because of the ongoing negotiations.

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Keep a travel log and take a tax deduction…

Hey... Hillsborough County!!! Please don't say NO... say... HELL NO!!! Keep the no strike claus in and if the AFSCME doesn't like their members using their own vehicles... let the UNION provide transportation!!!