An alternative choice for president: Honey Badger 2012

08/29/12 Michelle Friedline and Seán Kinane
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The Republicans are in town to crown Mitt Romney as their presidential nominee. The convention began in earnest on Tuesday and will continue throughout the week at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in downtown.

But there’s also another presidential candidate in Tampa these days.

You might recognize him as the voice of the popular honey badger videos.

Well, Randall is running as a write-in as Honey Badger 2012.

“I’m Randall, voice of the honey badger! Some people call me the honey badger whisperer but now I’m running for office with the help of the honey badger. Cray cray!”

“What I’m doing in town is promoting the idea of voting for a write in vote for Honey Badger 2012. A lot of people are unfamiliar that they have the choice. They don’t have to vote democrat they don’t have to vote republican they can write in for a party that they actually believe in. I’m not Ron Paul, I’m not any of these other independents. I’m just someone who wants to take back what’s mine and that’s the government. The government works for me. I don’t work for the government and I’m sick and tired of big government polluting and taking advantage of our planet. If I may, legitimate rape, do you know what legitimate rape is? It’s oil drilling, fracking, the building of nuclear power plants and anything that damages our earth and takes habitats away from animals. That’s my stance. I think a lot of people are fed up, it’s just a question of whether or not the family jewels can step up and really write in the vote. You know, this is grassroots. I don’t have $11 million dollars coming from any other sources so do I have a chance? I think if I keep spreading the word, I might. I feel like Shirley Chisholm back in 1972. She was a very powerful African American woman who spoke out about a lot that she believed in and today here I am a gay narrator and I want to save animals and our planet and humanity. What’s the problem? It’s not that hard it’s just love.”

His new Facebook page has more than 600 followers, Vote Honey Badger 2012.

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