Anarchists continue peaceful protests in streets of Tampa on final night of Republican convention

08/31/12 Seán Kinane
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For a fifth straight day protests of the Republican National Convention were peaceful. More than 100 demonstrators, many of whom described themselves as anarchists – marched through the streets of downtown Tampa until after midnight, after the convention was over.

The celebrations ended soon after a steady trickle of convention delegates and alternates made their way north on Ashley. That’s the scene of the only close encounters between protesters and a few dozen convention-goers. A few protesters went beyond the typical chanting and yelled curses at delegates. One of the people coming from the convention told a black protester to go back to his own country.

"He told me, that white guy told me to go back to my own country. We built pyramids, what dynasty does he have? Let’s argue about it."

Like most of the anarchists nervous about being targeted by law enforcement, the protester would not give his name. The only incidence of violence is when protester Mariah McKinney was shoved by a person Getty Images identified as an alternate delegate from the Republican convention.

"They pushed us out of the way. I do want to press charges.

Several journalists, police and protesters witnessed the shove.

"We were walking by this delegate and she asked him if they took the plan from the Native Americans and he turned around and smacked her on her arm. I feel like that’s assault and battery. They should arrest him. He ain’t no better than the rest of us!"

The night ended as the crowd marched back to Romneyville encampment, with police in tow, where McKinney went to file a police report. The protests began four hours earlier at Gaslight Park where a giant *papier mâché* Mitt Romney was crowned as the King of the 1% in a farce ceremony.

"“We are here today to crown our king. The ceremony is about to begin. On behalf of Morgan Stanley I hereby bestow 477,000 upon the king of the 1%. All hail the king!”

For the next several hours about 200 protesters marched through downtown.

Here are some photos

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