Andrea Grimes who covered the recent emergency session of the Texas Legislature, talked about the defeat of SB 5.

06/27/13 Andrea Grimes with Mary Glenney
From A Woman's Point of View | Listen to this entire show:

Andrea Grimes, a journalist and blogger for rh reality check talked about the recent special session of the Texas Legislature and the defeat of SB 5 which would have established new abortion measures' for the state. The new measures would have prohibited an abortion after 20 weeks and would set new TRAP standard for clinics performing these procedures. The new standards would have eliminated most of the clinics who provide the complete range of women's reproductive choices. These would have included Planned Parenthood Clinics. Andrea covered the events live during the entire session and recounted the filibuster not only by Wendy Davis but as well the "people's" filibuster" that followed. For more information go to Andrea Grimes on

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