Are We Really Running Out of Fossil Fuels? And May Day Demonstration Planned in St. Pete

05/01/13 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. Today we’re going to talk about a vast new energy source that has the potential to make the US energy independent- but it also has the potential to vastly increase the amount of green house gases and destabilize nations.

First one listener comment about yesterday’s segment on the Green Shadow Cabinet. Here’s what one listener had to say.


There’s a huge cache of fossil fuel on the planet-largely untapped. And a huge portion of this energy source is not far away- in the Gulf of Mexico. The potential energy source is methane hydrate—a U.S. Minerals Management Service study a few years ago estimated there are 21,000 Trillion cubic feet of methane hydrate in the northern Gulf of Mexico. That’s 100 times more than all the current US reserves of natural gas.

The Department of Energy estimates that world wide there might be more energy in methane hydrate than all other reserves of other fossil fuels combined.

Methane hydrate is the topic of a fascinating article in the latest edition of The Atlantic Magazine written by Charles Mann who is also the author of two highly acclaimed books- 1491 and 1493. He joins us now.

Author Charles Mann about his new story in The Atlantic…..New technology and a little-known energy source suggest that fossil fuels may not be finite. This would be a miracle-and a nightmare.

Next up there will be a May Day Event in St. Petersburg's Williams Park this afternoon and we're joined now by Rev. Bruce Wright who is one of the organizers of the event.

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