At USF Charlie Crist bashes Rick Scott over 2011 high-speed rail rejection

02/27/14 Janelle Irwin
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Former governor Charlie Crist mingles with USF students during a campaign stop.

photo by Janelle Irwin

Former Governor Charlie Crist made a campaign stop at USF in Tampa Thursday in an effort to win back the governor’s mansion. Crist spoke to students urging them to vote in the university’s student body election.

Afterward he briefly spoke to reporters about plans for the aging Howard Frankland Bridge over Tampa Bay and how it should be used to further mass transit initiatives in the region. Crist said it would have been a great way to connect to high speed rail that was rejected by current Governor Rick Scott in 2011.

Crist only spoke to reporters for about three minutes. .Crist has made several book signing stops across the state, but has only just recently taken up active campaigning for governor. Crist said he doesn’t think it’s a late start and believes he stands a good chance at unseating Rick Scott this year.

"Number 1, you be nice to the President of the United States, that would be a start, and then you would also utilize common sense instead of nonsense. When the United States government says we want to give you high speed rail so that I-4 isn't so clogged up, and we don't have as much carbon and we keep the climate that much more clean the right thing to do is to say 'yes'. Just do what makes sense. 2.4 billion dollars Governor Scott rejected. Rick Scott, I should say, rejected. That's just not right. People get that, they understand it. That was the first real evidence I got that something terribly wrong had happened in the governor's office in Tallahassee with Rick Scott."

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Come on Charlie - how's that CA HSR doing these days? Now we have a private entity All Aboard Florida to build their own HSR from Miami to Orlando - sure looks like Gov. Scott made the RIGHT decision!

Moonbeam will now be referred to as Laserbeam as Jerry Brown sets his sight on obstructionists. He will not be so polite with his opponents and foes during his fourth term in office as Governor of the Great State of California. Italy: In January, three members of the movement against the high-speed train line were ordered by a court to pay close to €200,000 ($275,558) in damages for blocking construction work. Leader Beppe Grillo along with other radical militant activists, attempting to stop construction of the high speed rail project, were sentenced anywhere from four to nine months.