At WMNF Peace Awards, Goodman critical of NYC Islamic Center controversy

08/30/10 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Monday | Listen to this entire show:


Amy Goodman was keynote speaker at WMNF’s 2nd annual Peace Awards on Saturday. During her half-hour address she spoke about her arrest at the 2008 Republican National Convention, the death of her mother and the controversy surrounding the proposed Islamic Cultural Center in lower Manhattan. Goodman criticized opposition to what some media outlets, like MSNBC, still incorrectly call the “Ground Zero Mosque.”

We’ll make Goodman’s entire speech available as a thank-you gift during our fall fund-raising drive.

See more photos from the WMNF Peace Awards

Thanks to WMNF station manager Jim Bennett for recording the speech.

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Great clip! Can't wait to hear the rest.

Thanks for posting this clip. Amy Goodman is fantastic and just admirable. Can't wait to hear more of her speech that day, and also photos of the event.

Predictable speech

She wins the award for getting the most career mileage out of a single fortuitous trip to Indonesia.

Your Ignorance and Incompetence

Bill: It was East Timor that she was in and not Indonesia. If you weren't so incompetent at eliminating your own ignorance maybe your comment might have some credibility. When was the last time you had your life threatened by a rifle being pointed at you for peace, social justice and honest, accurate reporting??? And you don't have to go to East Timor to be harassed. Just go outside a Republican National Convention in progress in St. Paul. Amy has experienced both. Mark

You Love Amy Goodman

Bill: I stand by my comments. Notwithstanding the shifting political winds, Timor has always been part of the Indonesian archipeligo. The issue is not which of us has had a rifle pointed at us. I never claimed to be better than Amy. I merely said that she got an inordinate amount of mileage out of a single, fortuitous trip, during which she did nothing more noble than fleeing with the people she was filming. I'm not impressed.


I'm sorry I wasn't able to make the event, but I have to say that minimizing Ms. Goodman's contribution to independent journalism is imbecilic. Without trying to list the many important stories covered by Democracy Now, before and after 9/11, I'd say that just producing a daily telecast on information the major media doesn't cover is an achievement in itself. Having kept the program intact through the transition to online programming is another. Her contribution is and has been iconic.

Amy Goodman loves herself

Amy Goodman is self-important and narrow-minded - all the things we excoriate in right-wing talk show hosts.

Amy is our............

Amy Goodman is our own best hope of hearing the truth. Don't argue so much and try listening for the truth.

Nothing But Followers

Those who cling to and defend Amy Goodman are clueless sheep. There is a wide, wide world of information out there delivered in a varity of formats from a multitude of unbiased sources. But you sheep can continue to idolize Ms Goodman as it apparently fills some deepseated need in yourselves.


I belong to a discussion board where name calling is acceptable behavior, I choose not to do so here. Roger, et al, should post some alternate sites and the rest of us can see if the "sheep" designation might apply. I also visit Raw Story, Alternet, Drudge, The Nation, and The Political Asylum, in addition to WMNF. But Amy was the first source who's independence made these other sites possible. Democracy now is still an invaluable resource.