Author and Nation Institute Fellow Nick Turse talks about the secret role of the U.S. military around the world

01/23/14 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Thursday) | Listen to this entire show:
Tags: KILL ANYTHING THAT MOVES: The Real American War in Vietnam


Today Radioactivity explores the hidden side of U.S. military involvement overseas both past and present. Rob Lorei interviews Nick Turse, author of the book KILL ANYTHING THAT MOVES: The Real American War in Vietnam. He’s also written recently about the surprising number of secret military operations the U.S. is engaged in- most of those operations are being run out of Tampa’s MacDill Air Force Base. He says that Americans have little undertstanding of where these personnel are deployed, what the mission is and what are the consequences. Nick Turse is the managing editor of and a fellow at The Nation Institute.

Listen to the entire show above.

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