Awake the State gears up for 2012

10/28/11 Lisa Marzilli, Beth Bell
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Over the last few months working and middle class families in this state have been feeling the devastating effects of the last legislative session. Thousands of jobs have been cut, programs aimed at helping those most in need in Florida have been reduced or completely eliminated, and the attack on teachers and other state workers is unprecedented. And it’s not over yet. The start of the 2012 session in January is just around the corner, and with a projected budget deficit for the coming fiscal year which could top $2 billion we can expect a lot more pain from Tallahassee legislators.

On the other hand, what we’re also seeing, both nationally and locally, is that people are fed up with the status quo and are beginning to mobilize. One of the coalitions spearheading the action is “Awake the State” which formed back in March. It started as a Facebook page and quickly grew to thousands of people, who came together and organized rallies in cities across the state on the opening day of the last legislative session.

Our guests today are Tim Heberlein, a community organizer with the Florida Consumer Action Network and Ray Seaman, online director with Progress Florida, two main players in the Awake the State movement. They're with us to talk about the Awake the State Summit held last weekend in Orlando and about the call to actions taking place across the state, including Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota and Orlando on Tuesday, November 1.

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