Bicycle Safety

02/07/11 Jon Butts
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We started off today’s program with Tom Krumreich, the Community Representative with the Florida Consumer Action Network (FCAN). Tom will be test driving the Nissin Leaf Electric Car this Saturday here in Tampa and wants to get some support for the chance of winning this EV.

Next we had the director of transportation for the Tampa Downtown Partnership, Karen Kress, joining the show with two of her working partners on urban planning and bicycle issues, Julie Bond, with the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at USF, and Genna Torres with Hillsborough Planning Commission. Safety issues for bikes and motorists dominated the conversation. CUTR is offering classes to teach bike safety instructors. You can find out more at , and what’s happening in our area during March, Florida Bike Month. Tom, Genna, Julie, and Karen are all local bicyclists. They were all alive because they understand bike safety issues and practice them: Ride your bike with traffic, stay off sidewalks, and if on a sidewalk, understand the dangers, follow the law (lights & reflectors), be seen and predictable, make eye contact with motorists when possible, wear a helmet, get a regional bike map, and be one of our local bicycling heros!

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