Bill Moyer's interview with former Reagan budget director David Stockman on crony capitalism

01/23/12 Robert Lorei
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Good afternoon, welcome to The Last Call. I'm Rob Lorei. it's a big night in Tampa with a GOP Presidential debate, appearances by the candidates all over the Bay area and several protests scheduled. We'll open the phones in a few minutes but first: Bill Moyers has returned to PBS with a new program called Moyers and Company. It airs on WEDU-TV at 3PM on Sunday afternoons. We're going to play part of an interview Moyers did this past weekend with former Reagan White House Budget Director David Stockman who is writing a new book on crony capitalism. Here's part of the interview.

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"Occupy vs. Cops"

I am a law enforcement officer and I have attempted to call in to make a general comment about the Occupy movement and some of their recent clashes with police. However, I am usually listening while on duty, and it is difficult to wait on-line to get on the air. The following is my comment: The Occupy movement seemed promising at its beginning, as we saw REAL everyday, middle class Americans who were simply exercising their First Amendment rights to gather and protest. However, without any credible leadership or a clear set of goals, it has devolved into a hot mess. The real problem as I see it is that the message is now shifting toward one of 'Occupy vs. the Police'. Ironically, law enforcement officers are part of the 99%, and the vast majority of us agree with the original principles the Occupy movement was speaking out about (i.e. corporate greed, unscrupulous banking practices, and government corruption). We (as law enforcement) are STILL must operate under a sworn oath to enforce local, state, and federal laws. If we tell a person to move along because they are trespassing or violating some other ordinance or statute, then they need to follow our lawful commands! We are not there to debate the law or engage in conversation about the fairness of the law. We are there to enforce it. Failure to follow a law enforcement officer's lawful command can result in arrest. In effecting arrest, we are still simply people who want to go home to our families, so we are usually forceful and authoritative in our actions to effect that arrest. In other words, "pretty please, put these handcuffs on sir/ma'am" is not likely to come out of our mouths. Also, for those who think the use of a taser constitutes excessive force, think about the alternative 'less lethal" tools law enforcement officers used 20 years ago: nightsticks and slapjacks. A 5 second taser ride may look excessive, but as someone who has been tased, I can tell you it is extremely effective in temporarily debilitating a person in a manner that PREVENTS excessive force and injury to ALL persons involved. Cops are not the enemies here. Most of us try to be professional about our jobs, and none of us are part of the 1%. We are the ones who investigate burglaries, assaults, and crimes against children. We are the sheepdogs out there looking for the wolf deep in the night. Please don't try to paint us with a broad brush, and insinuate we are part of the greater problem.

Boycott WMNF

Right on! That was well said. The silence from this liberal audience is deafening and speaks volumes about their views. Boycott WMNF!