Bill Young to constituent asking about minimum wage increase: Get a job

07/06/12 Seán Kinane
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Most of Pinellas County has been represented in Congress by C.W. "Bill" Young for 41 years. The longest serving Republican in the House of Representatives is a prominent member of the Appropriations committee. On Wednesday at the American Legion in Treasure Island the Florida Consumer Action Network organized an action to challenge Representative Young about his support of policies that benefit the richest Americans.

One person, Pepe Kovanis asked Young whether he would support a bill to raise the minimum wage to $10 per hour. In his response, captured on video, Bill Young told Kovanis to “get a job.”

Kovanis was one of the first people to get arrested with Occupy Tampa last fall. He now is the co-owner of Edible Gardens.

Young is running for re-election this fall. According to Florida’s Division of Elections website, he has two Republican challengers in the primary. One Democrat who hopes to challenge Young in November’s general election is Jessica Ehrlich. Today Ehrlich released a fundraising email mocking Young’s “get a job” statement. She wrote, “Well, actually Congressman, after 52 plus years of government service I think it's time you get a new job. It’s clear he lost touch with the everyday struggles of the middle class a long time ago.”

The YouTube video has received more than 28,000 hits by Friday:

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federal worker

i think young is old and quite the do nothing politician. he does need to get a real job .i am a disabled veteran working out of bay pines va hospital. i called the washington office of this so called leader and his staff member hung up on me so i called back again. i guess his staff follow their do nothing boss.

let's quit being supplicants to the "job creators"

Wouldn't expect any other reaction from a member of the Repugnicant Party. Gotta go now and pray for the "job creators". Did I write pray? Sorry, meant to say barf yet another time. The way I see it, the only way things are going to change is for us to turn off our damn TV's, organize, and get out in the streets with ORGANIZED protests. If we hadn't done that back during the Vietnam (illegal) War we'd still %#$@-ing be there. Wake up America!

Darren Ayres challenges Young in the August Primar

Time to replace the career politicians and to send REAL people that can have a conversation with others and develop SOLUTIONS to the issues that our families are dealing with EVERYDAY. 'We the People' MUST support the citizen statesmen, or we will continue down this path and our children will wonder why we didn't do everything we could to save their future... Don't wait!!