Billie Jean King sound clips from her documentary and her recent press conference

08/29/13 Billie Jean King
From A Woman's Point of View | Listen to this entire show:

Billie Jean King, tennis player and legend, talks about her life in the documentary Billie Jean King which is going to be on the American Masters series on PBS on September 10 at 8 pm. This will be the first time that American Masters will feature an athlete-male or female. Billie gave a press conference in which she discussed 40-40-40. Forty years since the founding of the Women's Tennis Association, 40 years since her defeat of Bobby Riggs in what was billed as "The battle of the Sexes" and 40 years since she led the fight for equal pay for women in tennis. The USTA gave equal pay to men and women in the US Open Tennis tournament 40 years ago and this was the first major tournament to give equal pay for men and women. Many leaders in different fields saw Billie Jean King's victory over Bobby Riggs as a very important symbol of women's fight for equality and "an equal playing field" not only in sports but in life. Just as ping pong opened doors to China, Billie Jean King has opened possibilities for women's and girls.

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