Chair of Pinellas County Commission discusses budget and State Representative Dwight Dudley talks solar engery

04/07/14 Robert Lorei
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Tags: Pinellas County Commission, Karen Seal, Dwight Dudley


Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei discusses this week’s e-town hall meeting about Pinellas County’s budget with Karen Seal who is chair of the Pinellas County Commission. Pinellas County has a lot of big decisions to make in the next few months over mass transportation, the bed tax and ambulance services.

Later Rob speaks with three Swedish students (Imanuel, Hannah, Anna) who are part of a larger group which sailed a tall ship to Tampa. Rob talks to State Representative Dwight Dudley about the hurdles solar energy are facing in Tallahassee along with the latest on his battle with giant utility companies.

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