Clearwater musicians join the first global "Playing for Change Day"

09/21/11 Josh Holton
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Anyone searching for Bob Marley’s “One Love” video online may have seen a film called Playing for Change. It includes clips of musicians playing the famous tune in different cities around the world. The Playing for Change Foundation made the video, and is a nonprofit dedicated to providing music and arts education to underprivileged children worldwide. Last Saturday some Clearwater locals participated in the first global “Playing for Change Day.”

Mike and Ami Bowen organized the local event. They were joined by percussionists, singers, and musicians from Indian, Latin, and numerous other ethnic backgrounds. Ami Bowen said this was just one of several events held worldwide for the sake of raising money to send impoverished children to music schools around the world.

The musicians were able to raise about $1,500 which can pay for three Nepali music programs for one month. She said the rest of the money may purchase instruments too.

Heather DeRigo played drums at the event because she too saw the need to bring music to children, regardless of their financial capabilities.

With 7 programs, the foundation says they have 600 students, and have created 130 jobs worldwide.

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