Coalition to Stop Gun Violence calls for substantive action from Biden task force

01/11/13 Lisa Marzilli
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Guns headlined the news both nationally and locally all week. Vice President Joe Biden met with a variety of groups, including gun retailers, video game manufacturers and the NRA, as part of the White House task force on gun violence. He is expected to announce his findings early next week.

Ironically Biden’s press conference on Thursday was interrupted with news of another school shooting – this time in Taft, CA – where a 16-year-old student armed with a 12-gauge shotgun critically shot one student and fired at another but missed. A teacher and a coworker were then able to talk the shooter into surrendering. One can only imagine how much worse the carnage would have been had that weapon been a semi-automatic.

Locally, Hillsborough County Commissioners considered whether or not to institute an annual gun buyback program. Meanwhile, Hillsborough County school officials called for putting armed guards in every elementary school in the county. And the Tampa Bay Times reported that an 18-year-old St. Petersburg youth died after he accidentally shot himself in the head while showing off a handgun to his friends on Wed. night.

Joining us to talk about the Biden task force and the legislation they’re hoping will come from it is Ladd Everitt, Director of Communications for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

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