Code Pink members dressed as vaginas protest Republican convention in Tampa

08/27/12 Seán Kinane
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On Sunday Code Pink members dressed in vaginas chanted "Hey Hey GOP - Women want equality." They're protesting the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

They have several other events planned throughout the week.

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Medea's Jay Jay Troupe

As I was walking Tampa’s streets, to see the RNC today, I saw some crazies dressed in PINK, heading the other way. Well I knew it weren’t the DNC, or “The Jerrett’s White House Band” ‘Twas a troupe of dancin’ JAY-JAYs, I could tell by the way they ran! CHORUS Oh, get along, Oh get along, get along, Oh, get along, get away. ‘Twas a troupe of dancin’ JAY-JAY’s, And they’d come to save the day! I’d never seen a stranger site, bumpin’ in the breeze, Holes for awful faces; something hidden at their knees. And such was their appearance, that we laughed until we cried, They’re so ugly that we’re happy they belonged to the other side! CHORUS I don’t recall announcements that we’d see this crazy crew, Prancing and a preening like we cared what they would do! It was “stop all wars”; we’ll lie down; you can love us till we die, But if they claimed they were women, I believe it was a lie! CHORUS All men who still love liberty, share the scandal of this day, Patton’d sooner drop dead; Washington would run away. ‘Cause the Patriot knows that liberty isn’t bought for any price, Neither gold nor silver matter; nor a cheap whore sold for vice! CHORUS NO RIGHTS RESERVED: Mock, deride, laugh at…share the fun. Copy freely.