Congressman Ron Paul agrees with John Birch Society on threat to the U.S. from the United Nations

12/28/11 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Wednesday) | Listen to this entire show:

Next up we'll hear a documentary from the John Birch Society (produced in 1997) which claims the United Nations presents a danger to American democracy. The leading "expert" in this documentary is Ron Paul who is running for the GOP Presidential nomination. We'll play the documentary and then open the phones to get your comments.

This article links to the documentary.

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great story

Whenever I hear someone condoning Ron Paul as a reasonable choice I wonder if they have really looked into his background. I am posting this on my facebook to prod them into actually thinking a little more critically about him.

Ron Paul is correct about the U.N.

Had the U.N. done its job, the U.S. never would have had a reason to go into Iraq.


as if there are reasonable choices otherwise

I Like Ron Paul

He has rare common sense. He is back to basics. He is what we need.