Conservatives Attack Iran Deal: Sorting Out the Facts from Fiction; Local Nurse Headed For The Phillipines to Help the Injured

11/27/13 Robert Lorei
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Barbara Slavin

Today on Radioactivity we talked with Barbara Slavin about the interim deal with Iran on its nuclear program. Slavin is a Senior Fellow at The Atlantic Council where she focuses on Iran; she's also a correspondent for Al-Monitor; a contributor to; and is the author of author, Bitter Friends, Bosom enemies: Iran, the US, and the Twisted Path to Confrontation.

Later we talked with Girlie Garnada. She's with a group called RN Rapid Response Network. Garnada, RN lives in Port Richie, Fl., a Filipina-American who has lived in the U.S. the past seven years and still has family members in the Philippines.

She is scheduled to fly to the Philippines on Saturday. A member of National Nurses Organizing Committee-Florida, an affiliate of the National Nurses Union, Garnada says, “this is why I joined the union, to help people in the hospital and in my community.” To help with relief efforts please go here

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