Corporate tax cut passes the Florida House

05/05/11 Nolan Ruark
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The Florida House of Representatives passed a bill today that will give $1,100 in tax cuts to corporations.

The bill passed 110-5. Representative Carlos Lopez-Cantera said the popular bill would help small businesses.

"Thank you, Mr. Speaker, it's a wonderful day in the Florida House to have bi-partisan support for this very good bill that provides tax relief to the small businesses in the State of Florida. I want to thank our friends in the minority caucus who are participating with us, who are going to support this bill which has become an agreement with the House, Senate, and Governor Scott on corporate tax relief for small businesses so thank you very much for your support."

Boca Raton's Irving Slosberg said many of his fellow democrats support House Bill 7185.

"It's a great day in the State of Florida when we can give our small businesses a tax break. I love the bill and I think so do most of my fellow Democrats."

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