Could loud texts and flying popcorn spell defense for movie theater shooter?

01/17/14 Janelle Irwin
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A 43-year old man is dead after an argument over texting in a Wesley Chapel movie theater.

71-year old Curtis Reeves, a retired Tampa cop, pulled the trigger.

Reports in the days since the shooting have suggested Reeves may have a personality disorder. There is also speculation that the shooter may use the state's Stand Your Ground law as a possible defense. Reeves has said he felt threatened.

Chad Oulson, the victim, was allegedly texting a babysitter during the previews when Reeves asked him to stop. Witnesses told police the two argued and someone through popcorn in the seconds before the shooting.

Today we look at this investigation and its implications on gun regulations and Stand Your Ground.

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"Only thing that will stop a bad guy throwing popcorn in a movie theater is good guy shooting bullets in a movie theater" Answer ________ A. Alec B. Wayne LaPierre C. Charlton Heston D. Ted Nugent E. All of the above