David Jolly tells Pinellas voters he didn't lobby for offshore oil drilling; DCCC accuses him of lying

01/07/14 Seán Kinane and Janelle Irwin
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David Jolly

photo by Janelle Irwin

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is accusing Republican Congressional candidate David Jolly of lying about whether he lobbied for the petroleum industry.

During a candidate forum yesterday hosted by the Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce, Jolly was asked if he lobbied for oil companies.

During his response, he denied it.

But in emails last night and this morning the DCCC pointed out that in a federal lobbying disclosure form Jolly listed The Free Enterprise Nation as a client in 2011 during its campaign called Roadmap for America’s Energy Future that would allow offshore drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf.

A campaign staff member told Creative Loafing the work Jolly did for that group was not related to offshore oil drilling.

The Republican primary is next Tuesday.

"You're first question about off-shore oil drilling, I have never lobbied for off-shore oil drilling and I'd be interested in what information you might be suggesting because that's never happened. I'm not suggesting you are fabricating this but if that information is in the public domain it's a complete fabrication. So I want to make that very clear right now. I've also had to dispel other fabrications about my lobbying career. I own several businesses. I'm an attorney. I'm a consultant. I also have registered as a lobbyist for several clients. And let's talk about what that means. What that means is I know how to work with a very complex federal government. I worked to get funding for the US Marshall's Service to go after sex offenders for parents who had lost kids to sex offenders and I'm proud of that work. That was hard work to do. I've worked to advance medical research for returning wounded warriors with amputations to regenerate and encourage tissue growth. I'm proud of that. That's hard work to get that done with a complex federal government. I've worked with Pinellas County businesses with technologies that they are trying to get the Department of Defense to look at to save American lives. They didn't know how to work with a complex federal government, I assisted them. I'm proud of that. That's advocacy. To comply with the law I have to register as a lobbyist. You can call it lobbying, you can call it advocacy, I am absolutely proud of that. Off-shore oil drilling, absolutely not. Obamacare, absolutely not. I haven't lobbied for either one of those. Giving to Democrats, I have. And you know what, in the spirit of Bill Young, a man who taught us that Republicans and Democrats and Independents can work together, I bring that spirit to the table. I like to say when I registered to vote I registered as a Republican because I believe in the Republican platform. I have never subscribed to the notion that Democrats are always wrong or Independents are always wrong because we know that's not true. I'm proud to have friends across the aisle. In terms of my giving most of my giving followed personal relationships. Most of the people that it's been promoted that I gave to frankly were very strong on national defense issues. Listen, I don't run from the truth. That's true. I have contributed to Democrats and if I'm elected I'm going to represent my core conservative beliefs but I'm going to do so working with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents recognizing that we can do so with civility."

Disclosure Form David Jolly the Free Enterprise Nation by WMNF News

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in searching the internet for info on Mr. Jolly, his position at Three Bridges Advisors, Inc. is about the only thing available. Seems unusual for someone who has been General Council to one of the most influential congressmen in our country. Just wonder most of his public info has been scrubbed from Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc. once nominated will a clean talking points history be made public. this man has been working at the highest levels in and around our state and national government. Seems very strange that info is so sparse. Anybody out there know where info might be?

David Jolly is a stone cold liar and scumbag lobbyist. Smart voters will avoid him. I'm actually kind of impressed with some of the things Bircher has said, but it don't matter no how: Sink will squash the Repuglican candidate.

I certainly hope Sink squashes Jolly, but it' dangerous to be so certain of that. The Republicans will not give up on a seat they have held onto for over 50 years. Once their primary is over, the $$$ to oppose Alex Sink will be pouring in from right wing dark money PACS, probably with numerous negative campaign ads. Progressives need to remain solid in support and not be sidetracked by emotional issues. The fact is, this may very well be a bellwether election that will point a direction for the Nov. 2014 congressional elections. We cannot afford to let this be " just another small election that temporarily fills a vacant seat." The seat will be up for grabs again 8 months after this election. Alex Sink needs to be firmly in control of that seat coming out of this "special election" as it may well be a national battleground for the Nov. 2014 elections.