Debt, Dread, and Deferment: The Student Loan Crisis

07/09/13 Robert Lorei
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The student loan crisis continues to grow in America with students owing a little over a trillion dollars last year and interest rates increasing this month. Today on Radioactivity host Rob Lorei speaks with guest Robert Applebaum an advocate for student loan reform. They address the growing concern of how graduates can repay their debt without jobs and how loan reform can help change the face of student debt.

PBS Newshour's full story on the loan crisis can be found here.

For more information on Robert Applebaum's work to reform student loans checkout: and

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Here is my link about the effect of a Sallie Mae Private Student Loan is affecting my life! Thank you for your help in this critical matter affecting millions of students. We need your voice representing us.

need to have student loan forgiveness

Excellent interview Rob and thank you Mr.Applebaum for bring the student loan crisis/ripoff to be to the forefront here. I would be interested to hear more about the role of corporate schools and how their profits depend largely on "students" ability to secure gov't backed funding for an overprice and often worthless degree. Thank you.