Despite warning from police Occupy Tampa's 3rd overnight ends without incident; will there be arrests tonight?

10/12/11 Seán Kinane & Kelly Benjamin
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Tuesday night in downtown Tampa, the Occupy Tampa protesters prepared for their third night sleeping on a public sidewalk outside Curtis Hixon Park. But officers from the Tampa Police Department showed up to warn them that, despite whatever agreement was previously made between the police and protesters, they could not continue to sleep there.

Tampa Police told Occupy Tampa protesters last night they could not sleep on the sidewalk along North Ashley Drive. Two nights earlier, a police officer who identified himself as Officer Rice approved of the group staying on that sidewalk. On tape he said, “They can stay on public property.” After the police left last night the 50 or so protesters decided that they would stay on the sidewalk and risk arrest tonight.

Later they removed many belongings and kept moving on the sidewalk. Just before 8 this morning, there were still thirty people on the sidewalk sleeping, having breakfast and sweeping up. Becky Rubright with Occupy Tampa said the police didn’t return overnight.

The Occupy Tampa protesters plan to sleep outside Curtis Hixon Park for the fourth straight night tonight.

Video of Police telling protesters to leave Tuesday night:

Video of general assembly deciding to occupy the sidewalk Thursday night, regardless of the arrest risk:

Video of Becky Rubright Wednesday morning:

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