Double standard on allegations of voting fraud?

12/30/11 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Monday)

A Virginia tea party activist is seeking to have Newt Gingrich's name placed on the state's March Super Tuesday primary ballot.

The Tea Party activist filed the suit yesterday. It contends that Gingrich met the requirement of filing 10,000 signatures and that many of those were improperly excluded by the Republican Party. Gingrich turned in more than 11,000 signatures.

The suit also takes issue with how the Republican Party of Virginia determined that not enough signatures were valid.

Gingrich believes that he was kept off the ballot in the state - where he now lives - because a paid campaign worker committed fraud by turning in false signatures. And that brings us to our first segment today. Our guest- Brad Friedman closely watches election fairness across the country. He publishes his reporting on And when I spoke with him yesterday he said that if the story of fraudulent signatures is true- Newt Gingrich is responsible for the same kind of voter fraud that the community group ACORN was accused of committing.

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