Eco-Smart architectural salvage

11/12/12 Jon Butts
Sustainable Living and Alternative Health | Listen to this entire show:

On today’s Sustainable Living program our guests were Mike Evans with Eco-Smart, a company that markets healthy, efficient products for sustainable living; and Jesse White, the owner of Sarasota Architectural Salvage; they’re all about historic preservation, restoration, and adaptive reuses. Jesse talked about his path to creating a green business and its challenges. He usually just buys the salvage rights before a house is demolished. Mike spent a lot of time on LED light bulbs. They cost a lot but save a lot more. You may never have heard of leasing a light bulb; but Eco-Smart does it. Also we spent a lot of time talking about insulation and roof coatings, with a caller talking about a new roof coating that’s made of the same material as sea & egg shells. Now that’s cool!

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Name and webpage of roofing material from eggshell. Phone number if you have it. Sold locally?