Elections Chief Brian Corley discusses the purge and lengthy ballot facing voters in November

09/14/12 Lisa Marzilli
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With the presidential election less than 8 weeks away, on today's Last Call we spoke with Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley about the voter purge, the ballot itself - specifically the length of the ballot - and the concerns being expressed by many of the state's Supervisors of Elections. A partial settlement was reached on Wednesday between the state of Florida and the coalition of voting rights groups that were suing to stop Republican Governor Rick Scott's purge of non-citizen voters. But what people may not be aware of is that the purge is going to continue.

Also making news this week was the ballot. In addition to choosing candidates for US Senate, Congress, state legislature, county and municipal offices and merit retention for judges, voters in Florida will also be weighing in on 11 proposed amendments to the state constitution, many of which run on for hundreds of words written in legal jargon.

Lee County elections supervisor Sharon Harrington told The Tampa Bay Times “you almost have to be a Harvard lawyer” to understand them. Pinellas County elections chief Deborah Clark said it’s the longest ballot she can remember and added "voters will need smelling salts when they see it". Harry Sawyer Jr., Elections Supervisor in Monroe County told the Times “They have really created a monster”.

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