Electric bikes

09/03/12 Jon Butts
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Today on the Sustainable Living program our special guest is the creator of the Electric Chronicles -- that’s all about electric power on two wheels: bikes, scooters, motorcycles, stock, modifications, conversions, etc., Ted Dillard. Ted has also written several articles for Home Power Magazine on bike and motorcycle conversions to electric power. We started talking about what’s available today in stock bikes and the improvements to electric propulsion. Ted seems to feel that the hub electric conversion is the best bet. This is usually done by replacing the front rim with a hub motor built into a rim, then adding the battery pack to the back of the bike. We did talk about safety issues and the effect of no noise of an electric drive; plus, Ted touched on the different types of batteries, electric cars, and the future technology of EVs.

Kit Manufacturers: http://www.evmc2.com http://www.homepower.com http://www.bionx.ca http://www.crystalyte.com http://www.currietech.com http://www.e-bikekit.com http://www.ezeebike.com http://www.goldenmotor.com http://www.electric-bikes.com http://www.endless-sphere.com

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