Erlinder: Supreme Court decision lets Secretary of State define who is a terrorist

02/28/11 Seán Kinane
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Last summer the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the federal law that criminalized “material support” for terrorism. But defenders of civil liberties warn that people can be jailed for nonviolent speech, preemptive prosecution, or thoughtcrime. On Saturday in Tampa, activists held a workshop: Wake up call for civil liberties. It featured panelists like Jess Sundin, a peace activist whose house was raided by the FBI, and law professor Peter Erlinder, the former head of the National Lawyers Guild.

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Walks like a duck… talks like a duck…

Sundin… Sundin… where do I know that name from??? Oh yeah… Jessica Sundin, a member activist of one of our AFL-CIO “publicly funded government unions” we’ve been hearing so much about. Now why would the FBI want to raid her house??? Could it be because she went to Columbia (South America) and hooked up with a guy named Raul Reyes… the FARC commander and communist guerilla fighter known for cocaine smuggling, murder and kidnapping of American citizens??? Or could it be that… right after the rendezvous with Raul… she came home and coordinated with the “RNC Welcoming Committee” in Saint Paul to kidnap ranking Republican members??? Nahhh… that couldn’t be the reason!!! DARN those mean ole FBI’s!!!