Farmworker Protection: A need to regulate pesticides

07/24/13 Robert Lorei
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Today on Radioactivity Rob Lorei speaks with Jeannie Economos of the Farmworker Association of Florida about farmworker safety and better regulation of pesticides.

A group of farmworkers from across the nation met with their members of Congress and agency officials about the need to strengthen the Worker Protection Standard regulations established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set agricultural worker safety standards for pesticide use, but have not been updated or revised for more than 20 years, despite overwhelming evidence of their inadequacy.

An estimated 5.1 billion pounds of pesticides are applied to crops annually in the United States, and thousands of farmworkers each year suffer pesticide poisoning. The nation’s 1-2 million farmworkers form the backbone of the U.S. agricultural economy and many are regularly exposed to pesticides. The federal government estimates that there are 10-20,000 acute pesticide poisonings among workers in the agricultural industry annually, a figure that likely understates the actual number of acute poisonings since many affected farmworkers may not seek care from a physician.

The information above has been acquired from The Mainstream Media Project.

Note: One of our callers referenced the following article about the Zimmerman trial during the show. Click here to read it.

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