FCPJ sustainable living center

12/24/12 Jon Butts
Sustainable Living and Alternative Health | Listen to this entire show:

For close to thirty years there has been an active group here in Florida that’s all about creating peace in the world. Joining today’s program were four members of the Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice (FCPJ): One of my dear friends who in the past was an environmental adviser for the US Senate during the Carter Administration, Haven Whiteside, was present in the studio. Joining us by phone from their FCPJ Sustainable Living Center in Hampton Florida were John X. Linehan & his wife Martina. Also joining us was the manager for the center, Paul Still, who is among many things, a retired professor for the University of Florida. We had a great discussion about FCPJ efforts toward peace and why they moved their focus more toward sustainable living. As John said, it was about another war, but a war against nature. We talked about some of the different projects in place at the farm, and also Paul talked about water issues facing Florida. You’re welcome to visit their farm in Hampton, located a little north-east of Gainesville. They just asked if you’d please give them a little notice.What a great show for Christmas Eve!

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