FEA President Andy Ford Slams Parent Trigger Bill, ALEC, and 401 (k)'s

04/02/13 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. The state legislative session is more than halfway finished. And some of the most interesting issues being debated have to do with education. On the first part of today’s program we’ll talk with Andy Ford who is president of the Florida Education Association- the statewide teachers union.

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This is the right thing to do, mainly because of the facts you already know about any and all of the Laws The ALEC Corp, has brought into our State, which has turned into quite a mess for all of us, from Seniors all the way to Children in schools and disabilities, What the shame of it is, Their only goal was just more wealth for themself, without any respect or regard for the citzens of the State of Florida.