Florida citizens gear up to "Awake the State" March 8th

02/25/11 Lisa Marzilli
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The democratic uprisings we’ve witnessed in the Middle East and Africa over the past month are finally spreading to the US. Union bashing and budget slashing has unleashed outrage as citizens take to the streets of Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio and soon, Florida.

Today on the Last Call we spoke with members of two organizations who are spearheading the Awake the State call to action scheduled for March 8, the opening day of the new legislative session. Mark Ferrulo is Executive Director of Progress Florida and Susannah Randolph heads the group Florida Watch Action.

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Oh, no hell you didn’t!!!

Excuse me??? You’re grouping the union protests in America with the “freedom movements” in the Middle East and Northern Africa??? SIS… not a single one of our “publicly funded unions” can compare with a true union based freedom movement… the 1980’s Solidarity freedom movement!!! Not a single one of our publicly funded union officials are even qualified to carry the jockstrap… of the likes of the great… Lech Walesa!!! The absolute audacity you have!!! To compare a bunch of WHINERS in America… to people of truly oppressed countries who are risking their LIVES to say NO!!! WAKE-UP!!! The one thing that all of MY freedom movements have in common is… they rejected the “helping hands” of BIG FREAKIN BROTHER!!! What the American unions are doing NOW… is trying to “organizing the organized”!! What MY brothers and sisters overseas are doing is individually organizing!!! In America… a company working on government funded projects are forced to pay their workers inflated salaries that rip off the American taxpayer. And how do they get away with it??? BIG FREAKIN BROTHER… The Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 which requires all workers on federal projects to be paid the "prevailing wage"… interpreted as… the “local union wage”. The Davis-Bacon Act is a blatant piece of pro-union legislation… and it aint cheap for the taxpayers. Davis-Bacon has raised the wages on government projects almost 25% ABOVE the going private sector market rate!!! And how are the unions able to burn the taxpayers like that??? Through “collective bargaining”… which is NOT a right as it is always presented… but attained through “Executive Order” by President Kennedy!!! Collective bargaining was never put before WE THE PEOPLE!!! Our brothers and sisters protesting in the Sothern Mediterranean just want to WORK… and THEY would appreciate any salary that they could get… as long as they were working… period!!!


I just wish that America's current protests made the SERIOUS argument for America's Constitution, for the robbed middle-class and the poor/the unemployed like those overseas do. Here, the protests have all the charisma of "entertainment". I don't see the hardy solidarity or the seriousness of protest that these issues deserve. I don't invite anarchy. I just invite the street marches like during the misbegotten Vietnam War. You'd had had ENOUGH and said so. Not enuf to just make noise and music. YOU HAVE TO MEAN IT to get their attention! That's what's missing now, in my opinion. Folks, we have a cruel, ridiculous set of wars in the Mideast. Much like Vietnam. Blame the current war for our officials' war on us and the budget! THE war is what's draining us middleclassers and the poor of bare survival. And the war against unions, and... Stand up against what animal is REALLY biting us and turning us into a Banana Republic! SAY SO.