Florida House passes several bills placing more restrictions on abortions

04/27/11 Seán Kinane
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The Florida House has passed three abortion related bills and is continuing debate on several others. On mostly party-line votes, the Republican-dominated House passed a bill that would make it more difficult for a minor to get a judge’s permission to get an abortion without notifying her parents.

The House also overwhelmingly passed a bill that would forbid health care plans created through the federal health care reform law from offering coverage for abortions. It doesn’t affect federal funding of abortions, which is already illegal. Democratic Representative Elaine Schwartz from Hollywood voted against it.

"You see a legislature that's out of control and you're going to need to rein back a little bit. This shotgun approach is something that we should not be doing here. We should not be interfering with these personal decisions and the fact that you don't want to have state funds for the poorest of folks because, my God, we're really not providing for these kids who don't have anything. The ones who would require the state funds, well, what kind of schools are they going to go to? What kind of medical care are they going to get once they're born? I mean, you've really got to think about that a little bit more. This is something that's unnecessary and by voting for this bill, you are voting that you believe the Affordable Care Act is constitutional."

One of the most controversial bills is similar to one vetoed last year by former Governor Charlie Crist. It requires doctors to give an ultrasound to a woman before an abortion is performed and to offer her the opportunity to see or hear the results. It passed 81-37. The House is continuing debate on a number of other abortion-related bills, and we’ll bring you a full report on tomorrow’s newscast.

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