Florida Senate Committee Moves To Fund Charter School Buildings and Maintenance With Public Money

02/07/12 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up today we’ll talk about a move in Tallahassee to give more funding to charter schools. The move has drawn fire from PTA’s and school boards around the state.

First, two listener comments about yesterday’s program. We opened the phones after starting the program discussing the grassroots citizen’s lobby RESULTS. The two comments were about the open phones segment of yesterday’s program.

tape Let me read something from this morning’s Tampa Bay Times:

"The charter school movement flexed its legislative muscle Monday, taking a big step toward winning more funding from the state.

After an hour of intense debate, the Senate Education Committee approved a controversial bill requiring local school districts to share their construction and maintenance money with charter schools.

Under current law, only traditional public schools can levy property taxes for building and maintenance. Charter schools — which receive tax dollars, but are run by independent governing boards — cannot.

Florida school districts fought hard to defeat the bill, saying it would all but kill their ability to pay down debt on existing construction projects. Parent groups chimed in too, saying public dollars should not go to charter school facilities, which are often owned by private companies and are not part of the public domain.

But in the end, the charter schools won the round, arguing that children enrolled in charter schools deserve the same amount of tax dollars as children in traditional public schools." Here to talk about what’s happening to education in the current legislative session is a parent who is with a group called Fund Education Now. She is Kathleen Oropeza who lives in the Orlando area. Kathleen, welcome to WMNF.

FMI http://www.fundeducationnow.org

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