Florida Supreme Court rules in an ongoing lawsuit challenging Florida’s 2012 redistricting process

12/16/13 Robert Lorei
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In a historic decision, the Florida Supreme Court ruled last Friday that lawmakers and legislative staff must give depositions in an ongoing lawsuit challenging Florida's 2012 redistricting process. Those maps were challenged by a coalition of groups that argued the latest round of redistricting favored Republicans, which is at odds with new constitutional amendments aimed at, in part, removing politics from the redistricting process.

The 5-2 decision means that the League of Women Voters, Common Cause and others can force Republican senators and key staff members to testify under oath about their motives in drawing districts. The plaintiffs claim emails show that the GOP plotted with party officials and political consultants for partisan advantage in the 2012 remapping of Senate and congressional districts.

Rob Lorei interviews Deirdre McNabb, president of the Florida League of Women Voters which is one the the co-plaintiffs in the redistricting lawsuit.

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