Florida's drought; unreasonable private sewer rates

04/30/12 Jon Butts
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We started today’s show with an interview with Robyn Felix with the Southwest Florida Water Management District. Yep, it’s dry and looks like it’ll be that way for another month. On water conservation the first thing Robyn mentioned was checking for leaks and there’s more in www.watermatters.org about finding them. Joining the show next was a resident of Polk County whose sewer rates recently tripled. Kelduyn Garland claims that Aqua Star, her sewer provider that’s owned by an out of state company, just increased her monthly sewer rate to $160 per month. She’s tried to get help from local and state agencies, but no luck so far. So if you’re in a similar situation or have some ideas for Kelduyn please contact her at innerconnections@mindspring.com. We spent the rest of the program with Bryan Roberts with Eco Tech Construction. Bryan is involved with a lot of sustainable living and community projects from the Earth Ship Florida in Sarasota County to the Roosevelt 2.0 Community center in Ybor City. Then things went to crap as we started talking about composting toilets, gray water systems and black water systems. Of course this is all illegal for home owners to do unless you can jump through a lot of hoops. Humans are like all other animals, we create manure that is part of the sustainable cycle of life, but those of us in western developed nations add it to a lot of drinking water to create a waste product. Then this is pumped for miles to giant energy consuming plants that add a lot of chemicals to create reclaimed water and sludge full of all kinds of toxic crap. Of course a septic system just puts this waste in to our underground water supply. Bryan’s learned how to jump through the hoops and has installed gray and black water systems in our area. His email address is ecotechconst@gmail.com. The best resource to find out more about this topic is Joe Jenkins’s great book the “Humanure Handbook”

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