Former State Senator Nan Rich calls state legislature's decision to not expand Medicaid morally reprehensible

12/09/13 Robert Lorei
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Nan Rich

Today on Radioactivity, Rob Lorei speaks with former state senator Nan Rich who is running for the Democratic nomination for governor.

Nan Rich lives in Broward County - she was first elected to the Florida State Senate in 2004 after serving in the House of Representatives from 2000-2004. She served as leader of the Senate Democratic Caucus from 2010-2012 and was term-limited in November, 2012.

Senator Rich is widely recognized as one of Florida's leading champions of children's and social justice issues. She served on numerous Senate committees including Health and Human Services Appropriations, Vice Chair; Children, Families, and Elder Affairs, Vice Chair; Regulated Industries; Reapportionment; Environmental Preservation and Conservation; and the Joint Legislative Budget Committee.

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I SO admire the indomitable Nan Rich. She is always fair, honest, courteous, and touting the right things for Florida. She has moved Florida's ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, benefiting ALL of us Americans, male and female, in powerful ways. Nan Rich is the powerful person I want for governor. She stands for The Common Good. Whatta' stateswoman compared to the bozos. No, nobody paid me to say this--I am honest, too. Sandy Oestreich, founder/pres., Natl ERA Alliance, 300 000 members; Prof. Emerita; AAUW FL's "Woman of Distinction".

We need more people calling out the GOP faux Christians for what they are... Heartless, corporatist that will do anything to keep in power.