Former State Senator Nancy Argenziano Warns About A Corporate Oligarchy Controlling Our State

06/21/11 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I'm Rob Lorei. Our guest, Nancy Argenziano spent 16 years in state government as a house member, a state senator and a Public Service Commissioner. In an op-ed carried in several state newspapers (including the Tampa Tribune and The St. Petersburg Times) she wrote about state government: "Make no mistake: This is not about liberals vs. conservatives — or Republicans vs. Democrats; it's about what is right and what is wrong. The legislation and policies of the governor and legislative leadership are wrong.

It's about shouting a warning to Floridians that their elected leaders are selling them down the river, saying one thing but doing another.

In my 16 years in the Florida House, state Senate and Public Service Commission, I have tried to inform people about what was going on in their government and provided the inside scoop that political leaders did not want you to know about. I have been warning for years — and providing examples of our representative government/democracy being sold to the highest contributors, the slush funds, the corruption — that it really is about money.". Former Senator Argenziano joins us live.

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I totally agree with this woman. I also want this to stop.

Citizen of this Country

Duh, Nancy! Corporations have been controlling not just this state and this country for decades, and you're only lifting your head out of the sand about it now BECAUSE?? When I lived in FL and contacted your office for assistance, you couldn't be bothered just like all the other self-absorbed elected.That's the truth!

Go Nancy!

So glad to hear from Nancy. I feel like we finally have a champion to speak the truth about the wide-spread regularity of and casual attitude regarding corruption in politics. I would love to see a citizens group in Florida- looking for the link to your email to join and to let you know you that would be supported by me in a race- no matter the district!

Florida banana Republic

22 June 2011 (show, state employee's) Rob, I'm confused. Politicians like Rick Scott and Hairadopolis Have no problem, say implementing a 3% tax increases on teachers, sanitation worker and fires fighters etc, who on average earn less than $30,000 per year. But when it comes to both the Gov. & President Bush's Tax cuts (the Intangible in FL) and a (3% Federal) on incomes over a 1/4 Million $ are off the table. This is a crisis by design, I predict, that this fall you will see a exodus of talent from this state which will prompt the grand privatization of the public school system and other state services and agencies. I regret that as some of your intelligent callers have said, we are considering returning to New England as well. GOOD LUCK FLORIDA MICKEY ST. PETE