Former Tampa resident injured in Occupy protest in Seattle

12/21/11 Robert Lorei
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There have been many incidents in which unarmed or peaceful Occupy activists around the country have been attacked by police. One recent case involves a minister—who was dressed in his clerical gear and calling for peace when he was beaten by police. The incident took place in Seattle last week. The minister is John Helmiere who is with the Methodist Church. John grew up in south Tampa.

His beating by police begs the question — does the beating of a minister make our society any more peaceful? And who was being served and protected when John Helmiere was beaten?

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Holy crap...

YO… Reverend Helmiere… quit complaining and pointing fingers and… “turn the other cheek”!!! Jeez… you would think the OccuProtestant would remember Luke 6:29!!! Wussup rev… the communal wine got yer communal mind???