Franken Farms Labs labels cans as activism to draw awareness to March Against Monsanto and GMOs

05/22/13 Seán Kinane
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This Saturday there will be coordinated protests across the country and around the world opposing genetically modified foods and the company Monsanto.

There are even March Against Monsanto rallies planned in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

In the meantime some activists have printed food labels for a fictitious company called Franken Farms Labs. Nick Dubyah says they are covering up canned food labels in supermarkets with these labels to draw attention to genetically modified food.

"Monsanto is the bio-chemical company that is controlling our food supply. It started with the nazi paperclip scientists after World War II. We stole their scientists and they came over here to start producing chemicals like Agent Orange, DDT, PCBs, Dioxin."

And what is the march against Monsanto?

"March Against Monsanto is a world-wide march now, there's over 936 cities that are coming together in solidarity to stand up against Monsanto controlling our food supply. This Saturday on May 25th, we're leaving from 2052 Swann Ave., we're marching from Hyde Park to downtown Tampa to show our solidarity with the rest of the march."

And as part of this action you've created food labels for cans that are from something called Franken Farms Labs. What is Franked Farms Labs and explain the food labels to someone who can't see them.

"Okay. Well since the government won't label genetically modified foods, we've brought it upon ourselves to start labeling genetically modified foods because these are poisons on our shelves. We designed a label thats got a beaker on it - it's called Franken Farms Food and it has pictures of corn or either ravioli - we've got some other designs coming out, but it's basically a satire piece put into the store to raise awareness against genetically modified foods on our shelves that have been there since 1996."

What are some of the ingredients it says on the Franken Farms Foods?

"We labeled the ingredients section as like March Against Monanto. It's got the date of the march on it raising awareness, protecting our foods, support local farmers and organic solutions, demand accountability, and protest. It's got our website and the Facebook page March Against Monsanto."

And so these are labels that fit on top of cans of food and you're taking them - the cans - and putting them on the shelves of grocery stores, what happens when you try to go and purchase one of these cans?

"Well we did an experiment yesterday, the first time that we had actually had one ring up in the store. We go in the store, we label it ourselves, we put our own labels on top of the cans, we're not tampering with anything. We are putting on labels to raise awareness, but we took some up as an action yesterday to the register and rang up our Franken Farms Food and it comes up as weed killer at the register"

How does that work?

"Well our awesome bar code on the back rings up as Monsanto's Roundup or Scott's Weedkiller, which is one in the same. So it rings up as a $13.37 bottle of Roundup."

What was the reaction of the cashier?

"She was astonished that we were actually trying to buy poison. She's like 'You guys actually want to eat weedkiller'? We're like no, maybe this was just someone trying to raise awareness, but she had no clue. She ended up voiding out the receipt and having to call the manager and stuff, which we promptly left before the management showed up."

Monsanto on their involvement in Agent Orange.

Occupy Monsanto

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