Free range worms & grass fed vegetables

12/10/12 Jon Butts
Sustainable Living and Alternative Health | Listen to this entire show:

Our guests on today’s program were local urban farmers Casey Frosch, the new farm manager for Sweetwater Organic Farm located in western Hillsborough County, and returning to the show, James Kovaleski, a permaculture-rooted urban farmer in New Port Richey. Sweetwater has ongoing workshops at their farm and this Sunday, December 16, Jim will be doing the workshop on a different approach to growing vegetables: "Free Range Worms and Grass-fed Vegetables is the title of his workshop based on permaculture and some of Joel Salatin’s ideas on pasture-based farming (Polyface Farms). We had a lot of fun with this but also talked a lot about the organic conventional way of growing vegetables. Casey’s doing a great job at Sweetwater, just visit the farm’s market any Sunday Noon-4PM during their season and see the beautiful veggies. Jim also offers tours at his urban farm in Newport Richey. Jim has a Facebook page.

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