From a Woman's POV discusses equal pay for equal work and a documentary film explores abortions on ships in offshore waters

04/10/14 Mary Glenney
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Equal Pay for Equal Work:

An absolute cornerstone for women’s independence is to be paid fairly for their talents and their skills. From the Get-go, women start out behind, they never catch up – 78 cents fo the dollar if you are a white woman, 62 cents if you are African American, and 59 cents if you are Hispanic. This adds up month after month and can be worth $500,000 to 2 million in a lifetime. The face of poverty is that of a woman – either an elderly woman on a fixed income, or a single mom raising children, or the child herself. And nobody is going to give you anything, you have to fight. ZOE CARPENTER, a reporter in The Nation’s Washington, DC bureau, will bring us up to date on the fight for equal pay.

An Unlikely Idea… Vessel

Diane Whitten, director/producer of “Vessel”, a film that depicts an extraordinary doctor, Rebecca Gomperts, MD, from Holland who was horrified by the realities created by anti-abortion law around the world, felt compelled to challenge this issue; her method: provide abortions on a ship in offshore waters. She refitted a chip with a cargo container and with a crew of 7 others went to countries – Ireland, Portugal, Peru and others – where abortion was strictly prohibited.

Whitten, whose prior interest was studying the many uses of offshore businesses, found this use of offshore waters, Dr. Gompert’s ship and business, to be tremendously uplifting. The activities of “Vessel” expanded into websites in which specific information on medical abortions with protocols WHO and the British Obstetric Society. This grew into which offers one on one email correspondence. For more information:

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